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If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Somewhere in an unpolluted forest

a daisy is about to have its big day.

Despite the rumors a sunset diet

does not disrupt health.

Today I prove my photogenic beauty.

Through chills and clouds I mature.

I am a predator.

English: Jack and his master

English: Jack and his master (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minerals beware.

Roots, reach as you please.

My stem awaits you, Jack.

Brothers,  do not marvel

Beat me to the clouds.

Up is the destination.

Not a limitation.

Elders, witness my bloodline of kings.


How do you muster the fire to sit?
Where was this constant frown grown?

Damn that soil.

Life is a female canine

Assume your role as master.


The Secret Life of Pencils

No one considers the pencil’s feelings on the first day of school

It is my big day too.

I have worked my entire life to get here and no one even glances

When I am dull you condemn

My Secret Life 01

My Secret Life 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If my tracks be too heavy you whine

Would you notice if I was constantly at my peak?

You care nothing of my fear of tapering

I do not like the scars of boredom you have given me

Why should I fix your problems when can’t even listen to mine?

You import everything I have to give and export abuse

I worship a closed hand

I am tired of being a paperweight

Every time I play I lose

What am I worth.

When you reach ferrule


Two Can Keep a Secret If One of Them Is Dead

Never told you

Never told you (Photo credit: aftab.)

I wont go back to the old days

I refuse to let anyone take me there

I will never discuss the four wheeling excursions, movie dates, or bike rides together

The memories we made together are useless and I want you to take them back

I do not need them

If I would have known this is where we would end up I never would have idolized you

I will go mute before I speak of our past

I will never talk about that day you almost ended my life

I will never talk about how difficult it was to give a second chance

I will not bother with missing the past

I will never disclose what it felt like to lose you

I could never say how much it cost me to choose between you two

I wont tell why I  waited up for you all those years

I will never tell you that to this day I still do not trust you

I do not even consider speaking of my adorment for you that died long ago

I will never tell of our days together

I  will never speak of my deceased hope

I will never tell that I do not feel like your daughter.

Five Steps to Fight or Flight?

When faced with confrontation I suggest my smoothly revised “How to Handle a Nigga Moment” list

1. Take a quick mental bubble bath and determine the severity of the current battle

2. Consider foe’s credentials

3. Summon chamber maid to prepare battle armor

4. Mount the saddle of black stallion

5. Ride onto the battle field wailing “For Narnia!!”

*Steps 3-5 are not necessary if foe is not a threat to ego*

*If the above has occurred emplace alternative step 3, Fuck foe’s main bitch*

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