The Production of Monsters

The Not Me

george-rodger-empire-state-building-observatory-800x800In 1977, my grandparents took me and my sisters to the top of the Empire State Building. I can remember being annoyed by all the waiting in line just to ride the elevator to the observation floor. We probably spent more time waiting to board that elevator than we spent viewing the view. Still, when our turn came around and after the elevator finally reached the 102nd floor, I burst out of the doors to see what all the fuss was about.

At first, I was too distracted with taking in the view to notice that my grandpa was not with me. When I turned back to search for him, I saw that he had parked himself close to the elevators away from the windows and the view. I called to him, “Grandpa, you gotta come see this.” “No thanks,” he replied “I’m good here.” “Pretty please,” I pleaded. This time he…

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Prime Time

I have no purpose
but my non feelings are strong.
No Penn — after years of endurance,
late nights, nothing.
My efforts left without a production
as the cast and critics bombard my auditorium
with their popcorn buttered in nostalgia.
I needed clearance for take off
before I could expand my wings.
As they slumbered restlessly
I plotted my comeback.
I have molded a standard
unique to my royal blood.
But in my most recent defeat,
my armor was penitrated.
Skin exposed I must decide an action.
Then execute with excellence.

Before Sunrise

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice...

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice, 21 June 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every morning I wake up searching to see if there is still a piece of you left in my soul.
A short leash is always for the best, this time it worked.
Morning dew on Big Bird surpasses your rank higher each day.
Things are getting back to normal.
No, not the normal you are used to.
But the normal before our history was written. I hope this does not disturb.
With all due respect, I do not respect.
In noticing everything it wasn’t, realizing why it shouldn’t ever be again, more than the truth was uncovered.
Hatred of love kept an impregnable presence.
I am exhausted.
Looks like it’s going to be another day in the office.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Somewhere in an unpolluted forest

a daisy is about to have its big day.

Despite the rumors a sunset diet

does not disrupt health.

Today I prove my photogenic beauty.

Through chills and clouds I mature.

I am a predator.

English: Jack and his master

English: Jack and his master (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minerals beware.

Roots, reach as you please.

My stem awaits you, Jack.

Brothers,  do not marvel

Beat me to the clouds.

Up is the destination.

Not a limitation.

Elders, witness my bloodline of kings.


How do you muster the fire to sit?
Where was this constant frown grown?

Damn that soil.

Life is a female canine

Assume your role as master.

Tests of Reality.

The Secret Life of Pencils

No one considers the pencil’s feelings on the first day of school

It is my big day too.

I have worked my entire life to get here and no one even glances

When I am dull you condemn

My Secret Life 01

My Secret Life 01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If my tracks be too heavy you whine

Would you notice if I was constantly at my peak?

You care nothing of my fear of tapering

I do not like the scars of boredom you have given me

Why should I fix your problems when can’t even listen to mine?

You import everything I have to give and export abuse

I worship a closed hand

I am tired of being a paperweight

Every time I play I lose

What am I worth.

When you reach ferrule


What a Home Owner Doesn’t Tell You

I almost went back there

It’s too soon

I can’t handle the tall grass up the stairs

The gardener really should fix that

I can’t use that railing for support, look how wobbly it is

I’ll tell the handy man to go to Lowe’s

Stop it

Something must be done to those weeds

And these leaves !  Is it Autumn already?

I have always loved our tule tree

                                      Sitting under the tree of life

                                                                                    Ironic isn’t it

You were easy to love

A needy consistent that felt seasonal

I only need air to breathe

Love can be as brutal as winter winds

or an inconstant puppy


You only need air

Two Can Keep a Secret If One of Them Is Dead

Never told you

Never told you (Photo credit: aftab.)

I wont go back to the old days

I refuse to let anyone take me there

I will never discuss the four wheeling excursions, movie dates, or bike rides together

The memories we made together are useless and I want you to take them back

I do not need them

If I would have known this is where we would end up I never would have idolized you

I will go mute before I speak of our past

I will never talk about that day you almost ended my life

I will never talk about how difficult it was to give a second chance

I will not bother with missing the past

I will never disclose what it felt like to lose you

I could never say how much it cost me to choose between you two

I wont tell why I  waited up for you all those years

I will never tell you that to this day I still do not trust you

I do not even consider speaking of my adorment for you that died long ago

I will never tell of our days together

I  will never speak of my deceased hope

I will never tell that I do not feel like your daughter.

We All Try

“I still believe in man. A wise one asked me why. Cause I just don’t believe we’re wicked, I know that we sin but I do believe we try.”-Frank Ocean

Man I love Frankie 🙂

Life achieves its simplicity when we stop asking questions. I strive for a simple life that I know I can never have, I would never be satisfied. Faith gives me an okay to keep the door unlocked at night. Do I freight the monstrosities lurking in the shadows? No. Why should I? This planet was created for a purpose, whether it be to be a sanctuary for all of the living creatures that reside here or some other greater task. I hold onto a commitment that I will never be afraid to live my life just as I see fit. I lost faith within myself not too long and I am still having trust issues, I will eventually get over it or just keep on living like I have been doing. Like Frankie I have never lost faith in man. Homosapiens  are the cruelest to each other, it is in their nature to especially hurt the ones they love. An animal is an animal is an animal. We have to believe in something.


Who is RussDOMED and what does it mean?

“Russ” comes from Russell, my last name. “Domed” of course means top/head. RussDOMED is my way of letting viewers like you get a better understanding of the things that go on in my world. My social networks and clothing line are sort of like a shock method on the world. I have so many thoughts and ideas I do not express or do not know how, this is my way of of pushing everything out. I am not satisfied with my life or this world and I will change both. By the time I am done I want you all to know me, whether you get it or not, you will know. Knowing is half the battle.