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Two Can Keep a Secret If One of Them Is Dead

Never told you

Never told you (Photo credit: aftab.)

I wont go back to the old days

I refuse to let anyone take me there

I will never discuss the four wheeling excursions, movie dates, or bike rides together

The memories we made together are useless and I want you to take them back

I do not need them

If I would have known this is where we would end up I never would have idolized you

I will go mute before I speak of our past

I will never talk about that day you almost ended my life

I will never talk about how difficult it was to give a second chance

I will not bother with missing the past

I will never disclose what it felt like to lose you

I could never say how much it cost me to choose between you two

I wont tell why I  waited up for you all those years

I will never tell you that to this day I still do not trust you

I do not even consider speaking of my adorment for you that died long ago

I will never tell of our days together

I  will never speak of my deceased hope

I will never tell that I do not feel like your daughter.