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Us Is Better

I am not trying to be a home wrecker but I like the idea of us.

If you were to let him go we know you would be much happier, you and I simply vibe too well. I am not usually the type to compare, but baby he just does not measure up.

My adorn for you is at the least, is much more than physical attraction.  You see honey when were old and grey I can promise you two things,  1. Neither of us will look the same as we do now 2. I will look at you the exact same way I do now.

You have much to offer the world, but can he bring all of your potential to the surface? Yes you two look cute in pictures and you love showing off your hickies left by your knight in shining armor (by the way I saw him picking up his costume at Factory Card Outlet 2 years ago) but these do not make a relationship.

Tell me that my gender has nothing to do with the equation you formulated late one night. Tell me that the opinions of others never came into play. Tell me how you feel when we are together.  Tell me that you are afraid to be yourself around me. Tell me that I can not manage to love you unconditionally.

I ask a lot of you and if you choose to respond, do so truthfully,  hearts are at stake.