In the Presence of Godzilla

When I see you my heart flutters with my unspoken feelings for you. It hurts so bad I have to look away. We have all missed someone to the point of no return, but each time it just seems to get harder. We swore we would never let anything come between us. Look where we ended.

I wonder about my bestfriend all the time. Are the pierced ears I told all my dreams and insecurities to cohearant? Is the body that I cuddled healthy? Are the lips that I kissed safe from abuse? Is the heart that I possessed still a whole?

Do you think of me the same way?

Should I continue to live without you? Do I take you back and risk falling into the distresses that brought us here?
I miss you. I know that is not enough.

Nothing would change. We crave what we do not need.


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